Wisdom Teeth Removal

Waxahachie Wisdom Teeth Removal Wisdom teeth are removed when there is not enough room in the back of the mouth for them to grow in properly. This overcrowding can lead to serious oral problems in the future if left untreated. We also extract wisdom teeth when they “come in sideways” and become trapped, or impacted, in the jawbone. If Dr. Smith determines that removing your wisdom teeth is the best solution in your situation, here is what you can expect:


We offer a variety of different sedation options for anxious patients, including nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

Nitrous oxide is ideal if you are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety. You take in the gas through an inhaler and should begin to feel relaxed within minutes. Dr. Smith also administers local anesthesia to numb the area around the teeth that will be extracted.

Oral sedation will give you a mild to moderate level of sedation.  This option makes you to feel more relaxed than you would with nitrous oxide alone.

During and After the Procedure

Dr. Smith will expose the wisdom tooth and the bone around it during a wisdom teeth removal procedure. He will then remove any bone that is in the way and will divide the tooth into sections if this makes it easier to remove the tooth.  Dr. Smith will remove the tooth, clean the area and stitch it if needed. Gauze will be placed over the surgical site to control bleeding and to allow a blood clot to form.

It’s very important that you care for the surgical site at home. You will need to rest the entire day following surgery.  Please avoid drinking from a straw in order to prevent dry socket (the disruption of the blood clot) and rinse with salt water instead of brushing. Dr. Smith will give you specific instructions on how to care for your mouth after surgery.

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