Waxahachie Lumineers Lumineers, also known as “smile shapers,” are an ideal way to restore your front teeth and improve your smile without having to undergo major dental work. Lumineers, which are similar to veneers, are very thin shells that cover the front teeth. They tend to look more authentic than veneers because they are thinner and allow more light to pass through—just as enamel does on your natural teeth.

Unique Benefits of Lumineers:

  • Having Lumineers placed on your front teeth is a comfortable process.
  • Lumineers are very durable; they can last 20 years or more with proper oral care.

Lumineers produce a smile that is permanently white, yet natural in appearance.  They are effective at permanently correcting a wide range of cosmetic dental issues, such as discoloration and staining caused by coffee, red wine or even tetracycline.  A chipped tooth can look brand new with Lumineers and if you have extra gaps between your front teeth, this also can be changed.

Virtually painless – minimal drilling

Lumineers are minimally invasive, and usually completely painless. They are a good fit for patients who may be apprehensive about going to the dentist because the procedure involves no drilling, or only minimal contouring of teeth. Lumineers are an easy way to achieve the perfect “Hollywood” smile.

Dr. Smith will recommend Lumineers if your front teeth are not uniform in shape or size, or to quickly and easily solve the problem of moderately crooked front teeth. Dr. Smith will assess your situation and determine whether Lumineers are the best solution for your needs.

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